December 04


Sat, 04 Dec, 2021 19:00 (GMT +0:00)

The V1llage | Bay 56, Acklam Road, London, London, W10 5TY

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Event Description

Bene Tally Band is a project initiated by Dembis Thioung with the intention to merge all his musical experiences in one stage: introducing the world to the West African dundun drum and other percussion instruments by combining live band performances with drum & dance workshops while praising his Griot heritage transmitting reflexions on the most important aspects of life.

The name Bene Tally, meaning “one road”, is the name of the amazing neighbourhood where Dembis Thioung was born, he grow up and learned so many good values. It is formed by a very lively, diverse and spontaneous community, located in the heart of Dakar (Senegal), where people share and take care of each other always in happiness: they value their wealth not for how much they have, but for how much they share and give to others. They call this “teranga” and it’s the essence of the Senegalese culture.

The audience is encouraged to be part of the performance by joining singing traditional songs, dancing at the vertiginous legendary rhythms and accompanying the percussionists with spontaneous sounds. They will have the opportunity to connect with the deep self, the others, the world and all life, be put in a trance, and receive the powerful healing benefits of the West African wisdom!

As a lead-in show, Dembis Thioung presents a showcase of spirited melodies he has created along with his Dundunfola apprentices.

Doors will open at 7pm, gig will start at 7,45pm and will finish at 10pm.

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