Kaabo Si AfroMoya!*

Raise your hand if you have ever wondered:

« How cool would it be if there was a place where we could easily find, entertain ourselves and make transactions with people of African descent? »

Well, you can stop wondering. This is it!

AfroMoya is bridging the gap between Black event creators and attendees craving for Black-owned events. Our aim is to facilitate access to afro events and shine a spotlight on our hard-working and creative brothers and sisters in Paris and London.

How did the concept come about?

The black community in Europe tends to be diluted in a society where we are part of the minority. Whether we want to educate or entertain ourselves, many of us looking to benefit from African & Caribbean-oriented content struggle to find them.

Besides, the demand of black-owned content is increasing. However, this content happens to be challenging to find for many of us that do not have the relevant connections within the community.

On the other end, content creators of African descent wish to stand out by advertising on dedicated spaces.

People of African descent have loads to share whether it is related to entertainement, cultural events, business or raising consciousness.

Why keeping all this creativity in the dark?

Yes but, what is AfroMoya bringing to the table?

This is where we come into play. AfroMoya is there to help all of us reconnect and boost potential fruitful opportunities.

In a nutshell, this is what AfroMoya is offering:

For organisers

  • A safe space and platform for event organisers of African descent.
  • A quick and easy way of creating, selling and booking event tickets.
  • A great exposure to an audience who will be specifically looking for black-owned content across two countries.
  • A Check-In Manager App to help organisers get onto their event venue and check attendees with ease.

For attendees

  • A space to have all African & Caribbean events in a single place.
  • An opportunity to see what is live on the other end of the English Channel.
  • A secure, competitive and transparent fees and payment processing.

…And so much more!

Regardless of your hobbies and interests, we aim at capturing any type of events happening in those vibrant big cities.

As Thomas Sankara once said, «He who feeds you, controls you. » Now is the time for us to have more control.

In our case, we let you all be the artists. We are simply proving the stage.


*Welcome To AfroMoya in Yoruba