Payout and Earnings

Payout and Earnings

Updated by Lauranne R.

For purchases made through the AfroMoya website pay-outs to the organiser can be done either by bank transfer or cheque.

Please note that payments are made in the currency chosen for your tickets’ sale.


1. Payments by Bank Transfer

For bank transfer, the pay-out process will start 3-5 working days after your event has ended. The date the funds shows in your account will depend on your bank, however it typically takes no more than 5 working days.

  • Go to “My Account
  • Go to “Payment Accounts
  • Account Holder Name: Fill in your bank account holder name (the one of your Ltd organising the event if applicable)
  • IBAN Number: Fill in your IBAN number. This is also applicable for UK accounts (if your account is based in the UK and you don’t know your IBAN, you can contact your bank or click on the link provided when clicking on the  icon)
  • Re-type Account/IBAN Number: Confirm your IBAN number.
  • Bank Name: Fill in your Bank name.
  • Address: Fill in your Bank address
  • Country: Fill in your Bank country
  • Click “Save”


2. View your Earnings

This section displays the status of your earnings for each event you have created.

All earnings displayed are the final amounts being transferred to your account (deducted of all applicable fees).

  • Go to “My Account
  • Go to “My Earnings
  • Event Name: Event for which you are getting paid out.
  • Total Earnings: Total amount you have earned with the event.
  • Date: Date when your payment has been processed and sent on our end  
  • Status:
    • Pending: Your event is live and on-going.
    • Withdrawal Request: Your event has terminated. You can now click to request your payment.
    • Due: You have requested your payout. We are going to deliver your funds as quickly as we can.
    • Paid: your payment has been sent by AfroMoya. The day it reaches your account depends on your bank; it could take up to 5 working days (estimate).
  • Details: Details of the payments received from your attendees.