Atinuda Productions

We at Atinuda Productions are all about nurturing community through creativity. We do this through our 3 branches:

  • Atinuda Watch: Nurturing community through watch parties of Black Art. This means movies, theatre shows and more.
  • Atinuda Learn: Nurturing community through workshops led by Black creatives. This means writers, directors, actors, fashion designers and more.
  • Atinuda Vibes: Nurturing community through celebrating events where we can get together and vibe. C'mon, it's in the name!

Atinuda means "From within we create" in Yoruba. We believe in tapping into the power of creativity to curate community. We also believe in tapping into the power of a communal spirit which empowers creatives within the community and the community itself to prosper.

If you feel the same, come join us!

  • Organiser has no live events.