Chocolate Kizomba

Chocolate Kizomba

On the 15th Tuesday of June in 2010 we launched our first event, Chocolate Tuesdays. Our aim was to promote culture, community and create a safe place for those who had been captivated by the beautiful sounds of Kizomba and wanted to learn how to dance.

We are proud that we have launched many dance journeys over the years, For many Kizomba dancers in the scene today Chocolate Kizomba is where it all began.

Operating for so many years has meant that we have deep roots in the Kizomba scene and while things evolve, we stick to our mission of not just promoting, but also celebrating culture and providing a safe space for people to learn how to really dance Kizomba.

The love for Kizomba transcends generations passing from parent to child which we have seen within the team, teachers and partygoers. This has led to our events having a unique family feeling, making them loved by all.

So whether you are new to Kizomba or you have grown up listening to it come down and join the family.